Your Privacy

Effective May 20, 2020

At Grinning Shark Studios, your privacy is very important to us.


We do not collect or access your personal information. Simply put, we don't need it and we don't want it. Our attitude is that if we don't need it, why should we collect it?


All of our sticker packs are applications that you install through the Apple App Store and they run self-contained on your iPhone or iPad. These sticker packs do not track or monitor their use or your iMessage conversations. Simply put, Apple doesn't allow basic sticker packs to do anything other than provide you with a nice collection of stickers that you can use to liven up your iMessage conversations.


None of our games collect or transmit personal information to us. Any information that is saved to retain your level, high scores or personal preferences is stored on your device or iCloud (if you choose to do so) and is only accessible by you.


The only time we would obtain your personal information is if you were to contact us for support, you would send an email to us and at that point we would have your email address. We would only use that address for replying to your support inquiry.